Monday, July 16, 2007

Night sky, learning Stars and Constellations

The night sky. Dark and full of stars.
From ancient times until present human kind have looked up and got breathless looking at the stars.
They always find shapes in the groups of stars and named them after gods, animals, and astrology symbols.
In this times when we did fulfill the dream of traveling through space ( at least to the moon ) and are aiming to more distant places, the stars continue to amaze us and every night there are many people who take the hand of a lover and seeing the sky, they look after shapes and put some names to stars keeping that moment forever in their lives.

The website i want you to see has a very nice interactive tutorial that teaches some constellation and stars. It only take a few minutes and will be marked in your mind and will stay in your memory. The next time you see the sky you can recognize the things you just learned on the always mighty enciclopedy of life... the Internet.