Thursday, June 7, 2007

ICONS for your Desktop

We all change the wallpaper of our computer desktop from time to time trying not to get bored of it. Some of us even might install an application that rotate them daily or even by the hour (maybe that's too much, dont you think?)
But not too many people pay attention to the other component of the desktop even when our eyes are seeing them everytime we look at the wallpaper.
I'm talking about the icons, those little graphics being a part of our life since the first graphic operative system we started to use years ago. Forgotten little things remaining the same until we update the version of the OS.

Not too many people change their icons, maybe because they dont care, they dont like the alternatives included in the OS, or because they dont know where to find good looking ones.

If that's the problem i give you today a solution with style.

The page Websiteicons has the best collections of icons i have ever seen, and i saw many of those critters.
And not only has a large amount of graphics, they are extremely well designed and we can see how many people downloaded and rated each one of them.

Very recommended, and of course, they're free for the personal use.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Remember your childhood? When you and your family went to the beach?
You surelly enjoy the water but there were always time to play at the sand and the best way was to build Sandcastles.
You started with the central body, then added the towers and after one or two falls you ended with a decent castle and you were proud of yourself.
I think this happened to us all and we enjoy this activity, not only when we were kids but also when we grow up as parents and teach our kids to do it and help them to.

Honoring this wonderful tradition i present you a site with the best collection of sandcastles i have ever seen.
This are not just simple sand buildings, this are pieces of art. It's hard to think they are made with sand and they looked like an advanced sculpture sometimes.

Enjoy them